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About us

Metropolitan Transport Corporation [Chennai] Limited is a Government of Tamil Nadu Undertaking registered under Companies Act, 1956. It is governed by the Board of Directors appointed by the Government of Tamil Nadu. Public transport in the Chennai City is 100% nationalized. MTC serves the public of entire Chennai Metropolitan Area. It operates its services in an area of 3929 square kilometers with an aim to operate the services.


In 1947, the Government of Madras nationalized the passenger transport for the first time by introducing 30 buses in Madras City, side by side with the buses run by the private operators at that time. The operation was under the control of the Madras State Transport Department. In 1972, the departmental setup was transformed into a company setup in order to inoculate a commercial approach without sacrificing the social responsibilities. Thus, PALLAVAN TRANSPORT CORPORATION LIMITED was formed under the Companies Act 1956, by the Government of Tamil Nadu on 01.01.1972 with a fleet strength of 1029 buses. The fleet strength gradually increased correspondingly to the requirements of the public and reached 2332 on 01.01.1994. Following that Pallavan Transport Corporation Ltd was bifurcated as Dr.Ambedkhar Transport Corporation Limited and Pallavan Transport Corporation Limited on 19.01.1994. The South of the Chennai Metropolitan city from EVR Periyar road came under the operational jurisdiction of the Pallavan Transport Corporation Limited. The North of Chennai Metropolitan city from EVR Periyar Road (including EVR Periyar road) came under the operational jurisdiction of the Dr.Ambedkar Transport Corporation Limited. Both the divisions were amalgamated into a single corporation under the name METROPOLITAN TRANSPORT CORPORATION (CHENNAI) LTD. with effect from 10-01-2001.

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